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Upper Level Winds
All upper level winds data taken from University of Wisconsin CIMSS.

Atlantic Basin Wind Shear Analysis
About this product: The following graphic below shows the current wind shear analysis for the Atlantic basin.  Wind shear is a change in wind speed and/or direction with height.

Atlantic Basin Wind Shear Tendencies
About this product: The following graphic below shows the wind shear tendencies for the Atlantic basin over the past 24hrs.  The brighter colors indicate high wind shear (unfavorable for TC development) while the darker colors indicate low wind shear (favorable for TC development).


Mid-Upper Level Winds

Lower Level Winds

Upper Level Divergence
Need upper level divergence for storm development.

Lower Level Convergence
Need near surface low level convergence for storm development.

   Steering Currents
About this Product:
The following charts below are current steering layer analysis.  The brighter colors indicate a stronger or faster steering motion while the darker colors indicate weaker or slower steering motion.  Steering levels depend on current strength of the tropical cyclone.

Steering Currents
700-850mb level
TC strength: >1000mb/<45kts

Steering Currents
00-850mb level
TC strength: 990-999mb/45-60kts

Lower Level Winds
00-850mb level
TC strength: 970-989mb/60-90kts

Steering Currents
00-850mb level
TC strength: 950-969mb/90-112kts