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No Active Storms....

Current Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone Activity courtesy of the National Hurricane Center

Below is the list of names that will be used for this year's Atlantic Hurricane Season.  A storm is given a name when it reaches tropical storm intensity of at least 39+mph.  A Potential Tropical Cyclone is when a tropical disturbance has not yet become a tropical cyclone but poses a threat of bringing tropical storm or hurricane conditions to land areas within 48 hours.

2019 Atlantic Names: | Andrea | Barry | Chantal | Dorian | Erin |  Fernand | Gabrielle | Humberto | Imelda | Jerry | Karen | Lorenzo | Melissa | Nestor | Olga | Pablo | Rebekah | Sebastien | Tanya | Van | Wendy |

Last season this list was used: 2013
Names retired since last used: Ingrid.  Imelda now replaces Ingrid

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