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No Current Active Tropical Systems...

Current Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone Activity courtesy of the National Hurricane Center

Below is the list of names that will be used for this year's Atlantic Hurricane Season.  A storm is given a name when it reaches tropical storm intensity of at least 39+mph.  A Potential Tropical Cyclone is when a tropical disturbance has not yet become a tropical cyclone but poses a threat of bringing tropical storm or hurricane conditions to land areas within 48 hours.

2019 Atlantic Names: | Andrea | Barry | Chantal | Dorian | Erin |  Fernand | Gabrielle | Humberto | Imelda | Jerry | Karen | Lorenzo | Melissa | Nestor | Olga | Pablo | Rebekah | Sebastien | Tanya | Van | Wendy |

Last season this list was used: 2013
Names retired since last used: Ingrid.  Imelda now replaces Ingrid

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